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Volcanish rock ash Series


The series After the fires explores the use of volcanic rock ash within the porcelain clay body. Each year the Australian bush burns and this series of work speaks about the devastation of fires and regeneration of the landscape.


As Peter Haynes writes in the exhibition essay Elements of Place,

After the fires is a beautiful visual exposition of both the artist's response to one of nature's most harrowing phenomena and the power of art to express those responses while asserting the aesthetic autonomy of the individual object. What Amesbury does here so effectively is to demonstrate art as object and its ability to hold within and concurrently express the artist's emotive reactions.

Image 1 After the fires was selected for the 2009 Ceramica Multiplex exhibition at the City Museum of Varazdin in Croatia.


 Image 2 After the fires was accepted for the First Selection International Ceramics Festival in Mino Japan.







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