Makers Gallery 2022

I'm thrilled to be having a solo exhibition at Makers Gallery in Brisbane in 2022. The exhibition is aimed at creating work that imparts an appreciation of our environment.

The Black Summer bush-fires and COVID continues to have a devastating impact on regional communities and artists. Climate and the impact these changes are having on our daily lives is a conversation Australians are having more than ever before- we are questioning current land management practices and asking how we can look after our land, rivers and seas in a more sustainable, and respectful way.

In my ceramics art practice I forage for, and collect materials from the land and use these materials as an expressive language to reveal stories and generate narratives in the work. I’ll be exploring the use of found materials, sound, mark-making and the translucency of porcelain to create a body of new work for the exhibition.

The exhibition is supported by the NSW Government through

Create NSW.



Porcelain, found clay, gold lustre

Images: Courtesy of the artist



Fremantle Art Centre

February to June 2022

The artist-in-residence project, The Self Reconciliation Project, is a research residence and I will examine my family’s past – one of the first settler families to arrive in Quairading and given free land lots while First Nations People where driven from their land. The project will explore the concept of self reconciliation, how I personally reconcile with issues of land dispossession, by engaging in the difficult conversations around conflict, abuse and racism.

I will document The Self Reconciliation Project through my blog, facebook and instagram.

Read: The Self Reconciliation Project


Black + White Porcelain Tableware

Each unique piece of the mix and match Black + White Porcelain Tableware collection is designed, made and painted to be purchased as single special pieces or in sets so craft lovers can add to their collection over time.

View: Portfolio

Read: Echoes of Natural Forms

Retail: Blend at Tathra


Black + White Porcelain Tableware 

Porcelain, black slip, hand painted

Photograph: Art Atelier Photography


December 2021

The Self Reconciliation Project

Researching 100 years of my family history and our access to land in Australia I started with a time-line beginning with migration from Scotland to Quairading and finishing with the birth of my mother. The family was one of the first settler families to arrive in Quairading and they were given free land lots.

December 2021

Echoes of Natural Forms
by Mike Hall

Carved lines, raised dots, curves and undulating contours feature on the surfaces of the black and white collection of hand-made ceramic tableware.

Amesbury makes bold marks on each piece, in the form of scraffito, embracing a long and rich tradition in pottery of abstracting forms from nature and the local landscape.

December 2021

International Academy of Ceramics

I'm honoured to be accepted as a new member of the International Academy of Ceramics.

The IAC brings together ceramists, potters, artists, designers, authors, collectors, gallerists, conservators, restorers, curators as well as a panel of prestigious institutions.