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  • Avi Amesbury

Fragility - sorrow and bliss

I thought the Biblio Art Prize 2020 would be fun to enter. Artists were invited to submit an art work that responded to a book they were allocated to read. The books were pre-selected from Australian novels which had been published in the last 12 months. The aim was to support homegrown writers.

I was allocated the book Sorrow and Bliss written by Meg Mason.

The work created, Fragility - sorrow and bliss, aimed to show the fragility of lives, of love and of relationships. How the duality of light and dark is in all of us. At times the darkness is within, at times it’s the lightness we keep hidden away. We follow Martha (the protagonist) between the golden moments of bliss to the broken depth of sorrow and despair.

Title: Fragility - sorrow and and bliss

Materials: Porcelain, black slip, gold lustre, enamel paint

Image: Art Atelier Photography

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