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Connections - land and sea

"We are all capable of bringing memory or meaning to a place, and this engagement can heighten the significance of a location associated with our past experiences or current surroundings. For a craft-based artist who sources raw materials from the earth to incorporate into their practise, the threads of connection between hand-formed items and their places of origin are like magnetic circuits that charge the material object with vitality and meaning."


Dr Julie Bartholomew, Our Material Home, exhibition essay 2022

Published Garland Magazine

Climate and the impact changes are having on country and our daily lives is a conversation more Australians are having than ever before - we are questioning current land management practices and asking how can we look after our land, rivers and seas in a more sustainable, and respectful way. The exhibition Connections – land and sea, presented at Makers Gallery in Brisbane, explores the use of clay and found materials from the meeting place between land and sea. It is from the earth and sea, and physically connects me to the environment. The work was inspired by the region where I live        



                   The exhibition is supported by the NSW Government                                through Create NSW   

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Solo exhibition


Makers Gallery Brisbane



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