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Capturing land and light Series


I tend to work in series, exploring concepts and ideas over periods of time. This series explores the addition of found materials used in and on the porcelain body (land), and the translucency of the porcelain (light).

Image 1 Capturing land and light Series No. 6 and Image 4 Capturing land and light Series No. 4 where part of the Rare Earth exhibition in 2016 presented by Courtesy of the Artist in Sydney. 

Image 2 Capturing light and Image 3 Capturing land and light were made for the group exhibition, The White Room, curated by Sean Morris at the Stanley Street Gallery in 2017. Capturing land and light then went to Hungary for the exhibition, Balance, as part of the 5th International Triennial of Silicate Arts.  









2016 - 2019

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