Black + White Range

The Black + White porcelain tableware range is handcrafted and each item is individually painted. The range is made so craft lovers can mix and match their own collection, and currently there is a small bowl and saucer. The range is being expanded but due to Covid-19 its production has been interrupted. I'm aiming to have the Black + White range available for purchase in the spring.

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Black + White tableware 

Porcelain, black slip, hand painted

Recent exhibition


Curated by Sean Morris

Buried within the collections of the State Library of Queensland are two original photographs taken during a séance held in Brisbane on 24 October 1888. The photographs show an excellent example of independent slate-writing, where (purportedly) spirits of the dead communicate with the living by writing messages on a slate in the presence of a medium.


My work, Self reconciliation Series, draws inspiration from the slate-writing of Fred Evans and my own white history in and around the area I was born- particularly around pastoral and mining leases. It explores the 'voices of a white past' communicating the deceits and illusions of my own white history.

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Self reconciliation- Quairading Central Wheatbelt

Porcelain, black slip, gold lustre, decals

Photograph: Art Atelier Photography

Recent Artist-In-Residence

 Tel Aviv, Israel

Artist-In-Residence at the Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Centre in Tel Aviv, Israel. Spending six weeks in Israel I traveled extensively from the borders of Lebanon and Syria to the Negev Desert collecting soils and clays, using them in my work to attain a palette of colour that reflects the richness and feeling of place and ancient lands of Israel.

The aim of the residency was to explore Israel as an ancient land (resonating with the historic Holy Lands) and my own connection to the Australian landscape (as a spiritual experience). The resulting work was presented in the solo exhibition, Country - ancient lands.

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Avi Amesbury

AiR studio space

Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Tel Aviv


18 January 2020

The Self reconciliation Series was exhibited in  séance, curated by Sean Morris, and explored the 'voices of a white past' communicating the deceits and illusions of my own white history.

1 November 2019

Thrilled to have the catalogue essay for the solo exhibition Country - ancient lands written by Peter Haynes featured in The Journal of Australian Ceramics.

15 October 2019

Growing up on the edge of the dessert in Western Australia my childhood was filled with experiences of the landscape, it seemed so natural for my ceramics practice to draw inspiration from these experiences.

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