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Central Craft

My aim for the artist-in-residence at Central Craft in Mparntwe /Alice Springs (May and June 2023) was to immerse myself in the landscape with the expectation I would gain an understanding of the deep spiritual connection between ‘place’ and people.


I found Tjoritja (the MacDonnell Ranges) was a landscape like no other. The visual, sensory immensity of the country and the aroused emotions for the earth was palpable – the colours, the rock formations, the eco-systems, plants, animals, the visible timeline of millions of years.


While at Central Craft I did test clay and explore ideas for The Self Reconciliation Project exhibition. However it is now time to go into the studio in earnest and make new work that articulates the project’s two lines of inquiry and perspectives – family history and connection to place – to tell stories that hopefully imparts a deeper understanding of cultural histories and differences.

Read: The Self Reconciliation Project (May and June 2023)


Watarraka (Kings Canyon) rim walk


Descending from the Watarraka rim walk


Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery (BRAG)

Rebecca McDuff, Gallery Director of Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery has invited me to be part of an exhibition she is curating at the gallery in July 2024. The exhibition will present work from a selection of works by contemporary female ceramic artists with a focus on how this medium is being used for storytelling. As Rebecca states, ‘the works in the exhibition will reinforce the physicality of creating ceramics and the link between the artist's touch and the story that they tell through their work’. I'm busy in the studio making new work for the exhibition.


Hervey Bay Regional Art Gallery

Regional Spotlight, curated by the Hervey Bay Regional Gallery, will run from 21 September 2024 to 17 November 2024. The exhibition brings together painting drawing, photography and sculptural works from artists living and working in the Wide Bay-Burnett.


A studio visit by the Curator Llewellyn Millhouse is planned for May and I’m looking forward to talking about the work and creative process.


Testing clays collected from the mud flats in Mparntwe

Black + White Porcelain Tableware

Each unique piece of the mix and match Black + White Porcelain Tableware collection is designed, made and individually decorated to be purchased as single special pieces or in sets so craft lovers can add to their collection over time.

Outlets: Artisan (Qld), Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery (Qld), 

            and Murray Art Museum Albury (NSW)

View: Portfolio

Read: Echoes of Natural Forms


Black + White Porcelain Tableware 

Porcelain, black slip, sgriffito


March 2024

Regional Spotlight
Hervey Bay Regional Gallery and Fraser Coast Regional Council have announced the artists selected for the inaugural Regional Spotlight exhibition, September 2024.
I'm pleased to have been selected, being showcased alongside Vanessa Allegra, Adam Anderson, Susan Zela Bissett, Kerri Dixon, Seinileva Huakau, Julie McGillivray, Monique Mennie, Dona Norwood and Jacinta Padgett.

November 2023

The Self Reconciliation Project (May and June 2023)

As artist-in-residence at Central Craft in Mparntwe (Alice Springs) I continued to explore the notion of self reconciliation.

The project investigated connection to 'place' through the Australian landscape (an external lens) which aims to bring together these two lines of perspectives - family history and connection to 'place'. 

June 2022

Our Material Home
by Dr Julie Bartholomew

We are all capable of bringing memory or meaning to a place, and this engagement can heighten the significance of a location associated with our past experiences or current surroundings.

Julie Bartholomew reviews a sensory exhibition of ceramics that connects us to sand, seaweed, ash and other planetary materials.
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